Tonnara di Scopello - Comunione Tonnare Scopello e Guzzo



In November 1974, the owners of the tuna fishery "Tonnara di Scopello" decided to establish a "Comunione" (a settlement between co-owners) in order to split the management of the fishing activity from the estate. The purpose was to avoid the unpredictable outcome of fishing could result in jeopardizing the patrimony.

During the drawing up of the deed of agreement, the two most representative co-owners, the lawyer Mr Vito FoderÓ, an internationally well known fishing expert (F.A.O.), and the "commendatore" Mr Giuseppe Vasile, who had managed the tuna fishery for about forty years, wanted to entrust me as the Administrator of the newborn "Comunione Tonnara Scopello & Guzzo".
This role did not only involve the legal representation of the Comunione itself, but also the storage and the maintenance of the "Marfaraggio" with its equipment, as well as any relationship both with the co-owners and third parties.

Soon I realized that I had not only to keep in order and in perfect efficiency a patrimony of huge entity, but also to recover precious historical witnesses, which were fortunately still existing in the ancient fishing equipment, stored in the tuna fishery warehouses. I also understood I was the caretaker of a patrimony which had a noticeable cultural importance, and this aroused my growing interest in the tuna fishery site and in its history.

Elio Bargione
Translated from: "La Tonnara di Scopello"
Rosario La Duca, Ed. Grifo, Palermo 1988

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