Tonnara di Scopello - Comunione Tonnare Scopello e Guzzo



The Tonnara di Scopello is one of the most important Sicilian historic estates, probably the only intact evidence of a traditional Mediterranean tuna fishery. It is a private property from family heritage.

The Administrator Architect Leonardo Foderà, son of the lawyer Vito Foderà togheter with the Advisor Mr Vincenzo Vasile, son of the Commendatore Giuseppe Vasile (see History)

This ancient monumental settlement, enclosed by old perimeter walls, is located around a small bay, where majestic rocks with prickly pear cactus on top, called faraglioni, make the seawater look like a lagoon.
A medieval tower overhangs the place, and a piece of land with oleanders, olive and almond trees surrounds the buildings, avoiding any noise coming from the neighbourhood. A green bar marks the entrance to the property.
Up to the last century, Sicilian coasts were full of tuna fisheries. Ending the traditional way of fishing, time by time, a lot of the “tonnare” were abandoned, so that some are now definitively lost. While some others have been transformed for different uses, loosing their original charm.
At the Tonnara di Scopello tuna fishing stopped in 1984. The proprietors kept on taking care of the estate and preserving in the warehouses all the equipments and materials, as the fishing should start again right now (see History).
Avoiding any business that could disturb the spirit of the place, the property owners support it keeping always in mind the aim it was meant to serve.

View from the Taverna A

The place is a chance for guests looking for destinations of cultural interest.
The original fishermen lodgings are rented for a charming stay inside the ancient buildings (see Accomodation). Visitors can see the warehouses and the small museum in guided tours (see Guided Tours).
A storeroom and a dormitory are suitable for meetings or teaching courses (see Teaching courses). The place is also a unique location for events, such as weddings, exhibitions, celebrations, as well as for shootings (see Events & Film and Advertising Shootings).
The Cetaria diving centre, housed in one of the warehouses, let guests either take scuba diving tours to the underwater archaeological museum, situated in front of the buildings, or let them sail to the nearby Zingaro Natural Reserve.
Staying at the Tonnara, it is easy to visit the Zingaro Natural Reserve (3Km); the Greek archaeological sites of Segesta (12 Km) and Selinunte (35 Km); Marsala and Mothia (40 Km); Salemi and Gibellina (25Km); the medieval town of Erice, the city of Trapani and the Egadi’s islands (50 Km), as well as the city of Palermo (57 Km).

Due to its historic and architectural relevance and to the beauty of its coastal landscape Tonnara di Scopello is protected by special laws on the part of the Italian Government.

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